Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shipbreaker by Paolo Bacigalupi

This is another great postapocalyptic adventure for all you dystopian fans! Nailer is a teenager living in extreme poverty in a shanty town along the American Gulf Coast. The only source of income for his people is scavenging washed up oil tankers for copper. Every day Nailer strives to stay alive, “make quota” and avoid his violent, drug-addicted father. After a violent hurricane, Nailer and his friend Pima find a "lucky strike"- a luxury oceanliner filled with riches. As they are making plans for how to unload the treasures and get rich before anyone on their crew discovers the ship, they realize there is a survivor onboard. The daughter of a shipping-company owner is trapped in the wreckage and promises to show them a world of priviledge if they free her. Nailer and Pima must decided whether to believe her and take the time to save her and risk others finding the ship or slit her throat and scavange as much as they can from the ship before anyone else gets there. Can they trust her? Can they keep her hidden from Nailer's father? This book is faced paced and exciting and the story is really original which is hard to do given the huge amount of dystopian books that have been coming out lately! If you love this book, Bacigalupi has a couple adult books you can check out!

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